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While childhood and the teen years are often seen by adults as “Happy Days,” both children and teens face obstacles in their life paths.  Similar to adults, these obstacles may be grouped into emotional, mental, behavioral, and health concerns.  In addition to overcoming these obstacles, children also have to deal with their social development.  Although most children (and their parents!) emerge safely from the storms of childhood, some are not so fortunate.  The provision of child counseling at Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, takes these five classes of obstacles seriously and focuses upon aiding children with school problems, mood disorders, and behavioral issues both to achieve their best and feel their best about themselves.


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Emotional, mental, behavioral, and health concerns in addition to social issues are also typical of the teen years as teens mature into adults.  These years can be very stressful on both parents and offspring; depression anxiety, phobias, and ADHD are pervasive and often difficult to distinguish from normal “growing pains.”  Emotional upset may manifest itself in alcohol and substance abuse, self-harming and suicidal actions, eating disorders, and rebellion from parental expectations.  The onset of puberty further complicates matters with the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.  It is ironic when teens most need love, they often act in a most unloving fashion!  At Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, teen counseling has been seen to be useful in dealing with such issues as mood disorders or behavioral issues which can lead to school problems.


As both children and teens mature mentally, emotionally, and physically, stresses are likely to manifest themselves in school problems as these are the years when almost all children and teens are in a school setting.  Such issues as low self-esteem, bullying, coping with social judgments from others, and anger management concerns make for difficulties in both the home and school settings.  Peer groups become more important as children grow older and the importance of social skills becomes more necessary.  Especially with teens, the normal progression into adulthood clashes with such societal factors as divorce, multiculturalism, and the “generation gap” between children and teens; this often spills over into school problems such as poor grades, lack of desire to attend school, and (often!) a concern for personal safety in the school setting.  Such school problems are addressed by Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, by the provision of child counseling and teen counseling to deal with the stresses of this phase of our children’s lives.

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