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A central issue in the lives of today’s adults is the decision to commit to another adult; in other words, a choice is made between intimacy or isolation.  While over 2 million Americans get married each year, many of these marriages do not involve “living happily ever after.”  As over half of first marriages end in divorce, the cultural goal of being in a coupled relationship is not a guarantee that your marriage will be one of the successful ones.  At Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, couples counseling and marriage counseling are offered for all stages of the marital relationship from pre-marital counseling through grief work over the death of a loved one.


Factors which can “uncouple” two people include alcohol and drug addiction, fertility issues, differences over child-rearing practices, and work- and health-related concerns.  Individual mental and emotional concerns of the couple also enter into this process and can be expressed in such ways as child abuse, domestic violence, and infidelity.  Having children poses special stresses in families as the couple struggles to find effective dynamics as a functional family.  Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA provides couples counseling and marriage counseling to achieve these dynamics.  At times, it seems difficult to remember that two (or more!) different individuals can and do come together into the one unit of the family!


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Rather than simply accepting the over 50 per cent divorce rate in marriage, many couples choose to work on their union with a trained professional.  Research informs us that couples counseling and marriage counseling can be effective in preserving a couple with a success rate between 50 and 80 per cent.  This is directly comparable to the success rate of psychotropic drugs in dealing with individual mental and emotional difficulties so there is reason for hope.  At Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, Dr. Alan Garrison uses assessments and interventions which research has shown to be useful in preserving couples and marital unions.

 Atlanta-area residents are offered a free telephone consultation to determine how Dr. Alan Garrison and Family Crisis Counseling can improve your relationship through couples counseling and marriage counseling.

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