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Dr, Alan Garrison has worked for many years with attorneys handling personal injury
cases,  Your attorney is provided with a comprehensive Evaluation detailing the 
existence and severity of pain and suffering experienced by the client and individual 
counseling is provided for the aftermath of the trauma if desired.

court stress
Mental, emotional, and social conflicts can lead to inappropriate behavior putting an individual into the criminal justice system.  Such behaviors are aggravated by the consumption of such substances as alcohol and drugs and the Court often orders a Substance Abuse Evaluation as a mandatory condition of a conviction.  If this should happen to you, Family Crisis Counseling has been providing this Court service to Atlanta-area Courts since 1985 and Dr. Alan Garrison is recognized as an Expert Witness for the Court.  Dr. Alan Garrison also wrote the curriculum for the State of Georgia Driver Improvement Clinics (usually known as DUI Schools) and has over 27 years of experience in Atlanta-area Courts being “a friend in Court” in the provision of Court Services for individuals with such issues as Domestic Violence charges, Anger Management issues, and alcohol- and drug-related charges.


Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, has provided both individual and group treatment as Court Services for anger management for Atlanta-area Courts since 1985.  While anger management issues and domestic violence do overlap, both can lead to severe consequences in the criminal justice system.  Let an experienced doctor be your guide to dealing with your anger issues in order to avoid further arrests for such issues.  By the provision of substance abuse evaluations, individual and group domestic violence interventions, and anger management classes for offenders as Court Services, Dr. Alan Garrison can aid you in both satisfying Court orders and aiding you along the path of personal change and personal growth,

Atlanta-area residents are offered a free telephone consultation to determine how Dr. Alan Garrison and Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, may better your life through individual counseling, marriage counseling, child counseling, teen counseling, and the provision of Court services.

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