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In today’s increasingly complicated world, sometime one cannot tell the forest from the trees!  While finding your “path through the woods” in times of crisis through individual counseling at Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, you can find answers to your problems.  When faced with an obstacle in your path (such as an addiction or a mood disorder), having an experienced guide to aid you in overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals has helped many others.  At Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, Georgia, assessment tools and individual counseling are used by Dr. Alan Garrison to indicate the obstacles blocking your personal change and personal growth.  In our interactions, solutions will emerge to aid you in finding your path.


There can be many obstacles interfering with your progress along your life path.  At Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, Dr. Alan Garrison realizes that the awareness of obstacles, the assessment of how to overcome them, and the taking of effective action are essential to achieving your goals in life.  These obstacles may be mental, emotional, behavioral and/or health concerns.  Examples would include addictions such as alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, compulsive gambling, and sexual addictions.  Also included would be mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and anger management.  Stress-related disorders, acute and chronic health concerns, and difficulties with the aging process are problematic for many people.  Such situational stressors as divorce, child custody issues, and employment concerns are addressed from a Christian counseling perspective to promote your personal change and personal growth.


path out of the woods

Together, you and Dr. Alan Garrison will use assessment to determine the obstacles to personal change and personal growth in your life such as addictions, mood disorders, and employment concerns to arrive at a unique plan for change through individual counseling.  This could involve such actions as addressing health concerns with your physician, changes in the way you view your life, and changes in your behavior to better deal with your stresses.  At Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, you and Dr. Alan Garrison will overcome the obstacles in your path through Christian counseling and you will be better able to achieve your goals of personal change and personal growth.

 Atlanta-area residents are offered a free telephone consultation to determine how Dr. Alan Garrison and Family Crisis Counseling, Atlanta, GA, may better your life through individual counseling and Christian counseling.

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